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Read Pastor Ronnie Muniz's Book

Pastor Ronnie Muniz has worked tirelessly to help the homeless, youth and formerly incarcerated people of San Francisco. As an ex-felon, former gang member, and former drug dealer, Ronnie knows what it takes to turn a life around. Since his release from prison in 1989, he has worked with a number of high-profile organizations as a gang prevention coordinator and youth advocate.

Now you can read his life story in his book "I Was Lost As A Man, and Found by the Son of Man/Jesus."

"This is the story of how I, a once very lost man, was called by Christ to become a pastor living a purposeful life. This book contains writings I compiled while in different institutions as well as my story once I began this walk with God, learning how God's Word can change a life."

-- Pastor Ronnie Muniz


Reader Reviews:


"Great testimony and easy to read!"

"From the first page to the last, it almost feels like you're living every minute of the pages you keep turning."

"It's amazing what God has done in his life..."

"Very raw and real biography depicting that despite tragic circumstances, God had His eyes and covering over him. It is his God story of pain, struggle, redemption and transformation. Super hopeful and encouraging."

Messages from Pastor Ronnie Muniz

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