The grace of God led me to create this organization.  It is built on Faith as its foundation. As ex-felons ourselves, we can reach people of our community to help guide them through the process of re-entry.

As an ex-convict and gang member it was the creation of Saved by Grace, through my Lord Jesus, that gave me a new life. Therefore, I understand and believe in the need of Faith to be included as part of the foundation for recovering individuals.

I was given the opportunity to go back into the correction facilities that I once walked through and to bring hope to
the lost.

Our reentry process starts from the inside out – both spiritually and physically.  We go into jails and prisons and spend time with inmates to find out their needs and barriers. We build a re-entry plan with them, not for them. We become a part of the support system for inmates and for family members who have also been affected by the incarceration.

A Work Program